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Labomed CxL LED Binocular Microscope

Labomed CxL LED Binocular Microscope

Labomed CxL LED Binocular Microscope

This economically priced Labomed CxL LED microscope is the perfect match for college level laboratories and veterinary practices  who need quality optics at a budget conscious price. The small footprint design saves counter space and makes for easy storage in lab cabinets. This microscope is rechargeable for cordless operation which makes this microscope the optimal choice for mobile vets. 

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This preconfigured microscope includes the following specifications:

  • 4x Semi-Plan Achromat Objective.
  • 10x Semi-Plan Achromat Objective.
  • 40x Semi-Plan Achromat Objective
  • 100x Semi-Plan Achromat Oil Immersion Objective
  • Pair of 10x Focusable Eyepieces 
  • 18mm Field of View 
  • Rotatable Binocular Viewing Tube - 360 degree rotatable.
  • Quadruple Nosepiece which holds up to 4 Objectives.
  • Rectangular Mechanical Stage. 135x124mm
  • 1.25 Abbe condenser with iris.
  • Variable LED illumination system.
  • Universal voltage. 
  • Dust Cover
  • Instruction manual.
  • 5 year limited warranty.

Best Fit: Veterinarians, College Labs, Small Clinics.

You may request a quote for customized options on this microscope. We accept purchase orders from established laboratories and educational institutions. Please use the contact us feature for PO submission instructions.

SKU 9135006
Weight 15.00 lbs
List price: $676.00
Starting At: $642.00

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Sandra L.
    We are very happy with this small footprint microscope. We run a small rural pet clinic. This microscope is just what we needed.
  • Author: Paul L. P.
    We purchased this microscope for our mobile pet service. It's small and light weight which makes it perfect for field use. It's a less expensive alternative to our Nikon microscope in our main lab. We're very happy with this microscope and would recommend it to others.