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Nikon 10x/22mm Field of View

Nikon 10x/22mm Field of View

Nikon 10x/22mm Field of View

This Nikon 10x eyepiece has a 22mm field of view number and fits directly into your existing Nikon E400, E600, 50i, 55i, 80i, 90i, and/or Ci Series microscopes. The chromium free glass in this ocular lens works in conjunction with Nikon's CFI objectives to provide sharp, crisp, specimen images. This new replacement eyepiece is sold individually. For a pair, please add two to your cart. These replacement oculars are in stock and ready for shipment. 

Product Details:

  • Nikon's 10x/22 CFI Eyepiece Lens
  • Fits the Nikon Eclipse and Ci series
  • 22mm Field of View
  • Nikon Part Number: MAK10100
  • Built in Diopter
  • Built in Reticle Shelf for Micrometers
  • 5 year warranty against manufacturers defects.

Recommended for: Nikon Ci, 90/80i, 55/50i, and E400 microscopes.


We accept purchase orders from established laboratories and educational institutions. Please use the contact us feature for PO submission instructions. Contact one of our microscope experts at 1-800-330-7654 if you have any questions or need help placing your order. 


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SKU MAK10100
Weight 0.25 lbs
Starting At: $208.00

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  • Author: Rajan V.
    We had these overnighted as our 10x/22mm went missing from our Nikon 50i. SEO was able to get us our replacements out to use that day. They fit perfectly. It's rare that anything happens fast in laboratory supplies. These guys are top notch.