Nikon 10x Plan Achromat Infinity Objective Lens

Nikon 10x Plan Achromat Infinity Objective Lens

Nikon 10x Plan Achromat Infinity Objective Lens

This genuine Nikon 10x objective lens is designed with a 22mm outside field number to work in conjunction with Nikon's Eclipse series (E400/E600, 50/55i, and Ci and Ni Series) microscopes. This replacement lens installs directly into the nose piece of any Nikon microscope with a 25mm thread pattern. This objective is in stock for fast delivery and qualifies for free shipping within the continental United States. 

This objective is extremely popular for use in extreme macrophotography.

Product Details: 

  • 10x Plan Achromat Objective
  • 25mm Thread Pattern for Nikon Eclipse Microscopes
  • .75mm Thread Pitch  
  • Numerical Aperture 0.25
  • Working Distance 10.5mm
  • Infinity Corrected
  • Nikon Part # MRL00102
  • 10x/0.25


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Customer feedback

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Tyler
    I was impressed by the optical clarity of this lens. Nikon does a really nice job.
  • Author: Jackie
    I bought this microscope objective lens for use in extreme macro photography. I have had awesome results with it. I would definitely recommend this to photographers who are interested in extreme macro.