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Nikon E200 Laboratory Microscope

Nikon E200 Laboratory Microscope

Nikon E200 Laboratory Microscope

This Nikon E200 LED binocular laboratory microscope comes preconfigured for simple out of the box set up. It is in stock for quick delivery and qualifies for free domestic shipping. The Nikon E200 microscope is known for its high quality optics and mechanics backed by its 5 year warranty. This is our top selling microscope. It is a favorite among lab managers throughout the world. It is the most popular preconfigured microscope that we sell.  

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This microscope packages comes preconfigured with the following:

Best Fit:  Clinical Laboratories, Universities, and Veterinary Practices.

You may request a quote for customized options on this microscope. We accept purchase orders from established laboratories and educational institutions. Please use the contact us feature for PO submission instructions.

Weight 24.00 lbs
Starting At: $2283.00

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Laboratory Microscope - Nikon E200 Nikon Microscope Objectives

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  • Author: Louise C.
    The E 200's we bought for our laboratory are true work horses. We originally outfitted our lab with the E 200's in the halogen version 10 years or so ago. We've never had a problem with them. When it was time for our new laboratory to expand we chose the Nikon E 200 only to find that they new LED illumination source is even better than the old illumination source. I'd recommend this microscope to all my fellow lab managers who are spending grant money on quality over quantity.
  • Author: Karl Ver Hoven
    The optics on the Nikon are phenomenal. The ergonomics are perfect for the multi-user environment. The LED illumination system is head and shoulder's about the halogen model. The stage moves smoothly. I'd give this microscope a 9 out of 10. The only thing lacking is a 5 hole nose piece.
  • Author: Larry Willis
    I've always been an Olympus guy, so I was a little bit disappointed when our procurement department purchased Nikon over Olympus. However after 2 days of use, I'm now officially a Nikon guy. I really love this microscope. I'm especially impressed by the amount of light and image rendition on the higher power objectives. The Nikon E 200 is the best scope that I've used.
  • Author: Ricky I.
    Siri told me the best microscope was the Nikon E 200 LED...and Siri is never wrong.
  • Author: Tia
    We were looking to determine which would be the best microscope to purchase for our laboratory for last quarter's budget. We compared the Leica DM series, the Olympus BX Series, and the Zeiss Axioscope. We chose the Nikon Eclipse 200 LED because of it's optical quality, specifically it's resolution, and it's LED illumination system. We were very pleased when our procurement department surprised us by making the purchase. I'm hoping to get two more for the lab in the next quarter.
  • Author: Francine
    We made the mistake of trying to save some money (and by we I mean our purchasing agent) and buying a Motic microscope. A year later we're replacing that P.O.S. with the Nikon. So far it's head and shoulder's above the old scope. Thanks Nikon!