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Nikon Microscope - Eclipse 50i

Nikon Microscope - Eclipse 50i

Nikon Microscope - Eclipse 50i
  • Discontinued - Nikon no longer makes the 50i or 55i. It has been replaced with the  Nikon Ci Series


Nikon's 50i Eclipse microscope is an excellent choice for clinical and medical practitioners as well as those involved in scientific research fields. This microscope can be set up to meet a multitude of different applications based on the end user's specific needs. Due to our dealer agreement, we can only offer the 50i our home state of Florida.

Available Objectives: Chose from 1x, 2x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 50x oil, 60x, 100x oil.

Objective Types: Plan, Fluorite, or Apochormat.

Standard 10x Eyepieces with a 22mm Field of View.

Available with Mechanical or Flat (Pathology) fixed stages.

Phase Contrast options are available for this microscope.

Polarization Options are available for Gout Analysis.

Teaching head option is available in Face to Face or Side by Side Configuration. (Multiperson Configurations up to 10 heads)

Digital Color Camera configuration is available

Fluorescent Package Available

5 year Nikon warranty.

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