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Microscope Buyer's Checklist

Microscope Buyer's Checklist


Use this checklist as a reference guide when researching the purchase of a compound upright laboratory microscope. Laboratory level microscopes can be custom configured to your needs. The following tool can be used to make sure to make sure you consider all your major component options for your new microscope.


You should always choose 10x eyepieces unless your specific end use/analysis requires otherwise. 10x is the industry standard. As the magnifaction of the eyepiece goes up, the field of view (amount you see through the eyepiece) goes down.

Microscope Manufacturers:

The list below includes the major microscope manufacturers. If you do not see a particular microscope manufacturer on this list, they did not meet our standards.

The list has the premium microscope manufacturers who we judge to have the highest quality control in regards to their optical components. We have also listed several reputable companies for their economical qualities for those laboratories where budget pricing supercededs highest quality. 

Chose a microscope manufacturing company. 





                                                                                            Buyers make submit questions to us using our Contact Us feature.

* Make sure you use a reputable microscope vendor for your purchase. Seek out a company who offers free consultations.

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